2023 Lenten Project

Chikwa Parish

Chikwa girls_11.4.1

In continuum with the partnership of Chikwa and Mary, Seat of Wisdom, we created this video for our Lenten project, to express the importance of relationships and connections with civilizations that desperately need our help.


We Are the World Video

Thank you to all of the generous Mary, Seat of Wisdom students, parents, parishioners and friends for your continued support.


Thank you to Fr. Wilfred and Fr. Gunderson and all of our Chikwa community friends for making this video possible.  Also, a special thank you to Fr. Derek for his support.


Please consider making a donation to the community of Chikwa.  We are continuing our partnership and support with Chikwa to provide a school with teachers and resources; church; health supplies and drinkable water.


Please click here to donate to the 2023 Chikwa Lenten appeal.

To find out more about Chikwa parish and the history of Mary, Seat of Wisdom's connection with Fr. Wilfred and the parish, go to the Friends of Chikwa Parish website.  You can also watch the documentary Labor of Love.

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