Mary, Seat of Wisdom


Primary Grades 1 - 3

Young girl and boy dressed up, little girl holding baby doll during 1st grade prayer service - MSW Catholic School, Park Ridge, Illinois

First Grade

The first grade program at Mary, Seat of Wisdom School seeks to foster confidence, self-discipline and respect in a Christian academic environment. The students learn through integrated themes that are cross-curricular, including math, science, language arts, and guided reading, keeping the students interested and enhancing their love of learning. Religion is integrated throughout the school day and focuses on the presence of God in our daily lives through the Gospel, Stations of the Cross, and the Mysteries of the Rosary. One of the highlights of the first grade year is the all-school Christmas prayer service, where the entire first grade reenacts the Nativity story.

Room 106:  Mrs. Peggy Phipson
Room 108:
Ms. Jaclyn Nadrowski
Room 107: Mrs. Kim Conte

Second Grade

Second grade students at Mary, Seat of Wisdom School develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, written communication, and cooperative learning skills through the use of integrated thematic units across all subject areas. In addition to the Language Arts disciplines of spelling, phonics, and grammar, the students are introduced to literature, begin to read books independently, and share their experiences through creative “Book Share” exercises. Second grade is a year of major milestones as the students celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, and play an important role in the school’s Maycrowning ceremony.

Room 201: Miss Grace Witry
Room 203: Mrs. Mary Ellen Forde

2nd grade communion
3rd grade saint

Third Grade

Mary, Seat of Wisdom's third grade students experience new academic challenges and responsibilities as they transition from the primary to middle grades. One important milestone is the ‘Book Buddy’ program, in which each third grade student is responsible for being a reading mentor to a kindergarten student. In religion, students study the Ten Commandments, the Sacraments, and Saints of the Church and host the school’s All Saints Day Mass, dressed as their favorite saints. From language arts, where students expand their writing and critical thinking skills, to mathematics, where students hone basic math skills and tackle more complex problems, we are establishing a strong foundation for future success in the upper grades.

Room 202: Ms. Brigitte Curtis
Room 205: Ms. Summer Maso
Room 207: Mrs. Julie Costa

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